System Professional

Emilie Hair is proud to be one of the only System Professional salons in Cornwall.

Our range of System Professional products cover a wide spectrum to repair, purify and energise your hair. Exclusive treatments at Emilie Hair begin with an individualised and in-depth diagnosis of your unique hair type. To ensure results are truly individualised and effective we will choose and combine products from the extensive System Professional care ranges to create a highly personalised treatment regimen, helping you to achieve your hair beauty ideal.


System Professional products are categorised by four pillars: Fibra, Forma, Derma and Extra. Fibra products include our Colour Save, Repair, Luxe Oil and Solaris sun protection range, all of which protect the hair from external influences. Forma products will hydrate, volumize and smoothen to support the natural moisture, texture and shape of the hair. The Derma range will balance and purify for a healthy scalp. Finally, the Extra range delivers high performance salon exclusive products for deep hair transformation.